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                 Virtual Touchpad Cover v1.0

Do you use a laptop that uses a touchpad device to control the mouse?  Does it annoy you when you're typing a document and suddenly the palm of your had comes into contact with the touchpad, changing the position of the cursor in your document or accidentally clicking on an option? Virtual Touchpad Cover is a solution to your problem! With the touch of a couple keys, you can disable your mouse so it won’t matter how many times your hands brush against the touchpad. When you need your mouse to function again, simply depress the hotkey again.  For screenshots of this utility, please click here.  If you would like to download an evaluation version of this software, click here.


  Speedy Paste v1.0

Are you tired to typing the same redundant information time and time again? How would you like to be able to type the information once and then have it easily available anywhere in Windows with a couple clicks of the mouse?  Speedy Paste is a solution!  For more information and screenshots of Speedy Paste, click here.  To download a 30-day evaluation version, click here.


IP Assistant v2.2
Do you find yourself constantly in a position where you need to know the IP Address of your computer?  If you have a static IP, you probably don't find remembering your IP Address much of a problem, but many people have dynamic IPs (they change each time you re-connect to the internet).  One solution to your problem may be IP Assistant.  IP is a simple utility that sits in the system tray after it is loaded.  If you're curious what your current IP Address is, simply move your mouse pointer over the icon in the tray and IP Assistant tells you your address.  Click the icon and the address is copied to the Windows clipboard for easy pasting into other applications. Screenshots are available, or you can download IP Assistant v2.2 now.

Networked Bookmarks v1.5

What is Networked Bookmarks?  Networked Bookmarks is system that allows users on a network to link "keywords" to lengthy network addresses.  With Networked Bookmarks your network users can simply type "atomdata" and they will be redirected to any address that you have defined for that keyword, such as "".  Download a functional copy of Networked Bookmarks v1.5 here.

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