3 May 2003

Welcome to this new webspace

This website is currently undergoing some major renovations. None of the information has been updated for years, and it's about time I took the effort to give it some new life.

  • The ever popular Dorothy Day web page is still up, same address.
  • Watch as more subjects are added as the site begins a second incarnation.
  • A project I am involved in at Saint Michael's Church, Paris: The Deep End

Watch for essays and links in the following areas...

  • Christianity and Postmodernism

  • Social Justice

  • The Catholic Worker and Dorothy Day

  • Philosophy: above all epistemology and metaphysics

  • Ethics

  • Saint Symeon, the holy fool

  • Saint Brendan and Celtic wandering Pilgrims

  • Theology, especially postmodern thought (ex. Stanley Grenz)

  • Authors: Annie Dillard, Simone Weil, Henri Nouwen, etc.

  • Philosophers: Jean-Luc Marion, Richard Rorty

  • The Magic of Taizé

  • Contemplative Prayer

  • Musicians: Arvo Part, Kaija Saariaho

  • Artists: Mark Rothko, Frère Eric, Iconography