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Hi, Welcome to my Home Page.

About 15 years ago I sold Competition Cycle, my motorcycle parts/power equipment business to pursue my other business, Wings, an aircraft rental, flight instruction, and charter business. The new owner was only interested in purchasing the power equipment portion of the business so I've got about $12,000.00 (at dealer cost) worth of motorcycle parts and accessories in storage, that I need to sell.  The majority of these parts are for 1970, 1980, and early 1990 Japanese motorcycles.  I was also a Husqvarna motorcycle dealer from 85-87 so I have some Husky books, microfische, and tools too.  If anyone wants to make an offer on the whole thing, let me know.  I would rather just sell it all rather than  one part at a time.  Sometimes it is kind of fun because I am getting requests for stuff from all over the world, especially when parts are obsolete and people find me with a search.

Here's my story.  This will give you some insight into what I might have and what I probably don't.  I will answer all requests though so e-mail me if you have any questions. My first bike was a BSA when I was 16.  I have nothing for BSA's or anything British.  When I was 17 I bought a brand new 1972 Kawasaki F9 350 for $850.00.  A few years later I got what I think was called a F81M Kawasaki.  I think I have a few scattered parts around for these.  After that I bought a new 1975 CR125 and started racing.   For the next few years I accumulated some Honda parts.  I started working at the Honda dealer and worked there for a year and got laid off.  I opened my first shop in 1976 just selling parts.  It lasted a year.  I bought a 77 RM125 and went to work for the Suzuki dealer.  The next year the Honda dealer bought out the Suzuki dealer and I went back to work there.  I built an XL175 in a C&J Frame to race MX.  It had Fox Air Shox, Simon Forks, and a Powroll (spelling?) engine.  Although it was still under powered, I managed to get 2nd in the state on it.  Missed 1st by 2 points, darn.  It was fun to ride and race against the 2 strokes.  The next year I raced a PE175 and RM400.  After that I built a Knobby Shop XL350 and raced that for one year without much luck.  Mostly 4ths and 5ths. In 1980 I started a shop again, this time doing maintenance as well as selling parts.  I started with mostly dirt parts but got into street parts as well.  Most everything was aftermarket but I would order OEM parts for people as well.  In the beginning I didn't require a deposit (stupid) so I got stuck with a fair amount of OEM parts for the Big 4 Jap bikes.  I have a page with those numbers listed and continue to add to it as I find parts that were in boxes and un-cataloged.  I ran that shop until 1993 and then sold it to the guy who worked for me.  Unfortunately, he didn't want the motorcycle stuff.  I was ready to do something else so I told him I'd keep the stuff if he bought the power equipment end of it.  That's what happened and I took the motorcycle stuff and stuck it in storage..... so here I am trying to peddle it now.

I've got some spare parts around for the bikes I raced and/or built plus all of the other stuff that you accumulate over 13 years in business.  Lots of this stuff is not listed so feel free to ask.

I seem to be getting a lot of requests for 90's crotch rocket parts and unfortunately I don't have much in that line.  You guys must fall down a lot.

If you have any interest in a group of parts, like all of the Honda cables, or all of the Clymer manuals, etc., I am willing to accept offers on complete lots of parts.  I really want to get rid of this stuff so don't be bashful.

I hope to have some pictures soon so that this cover page isn't so boring.

I'm not in the motorcycle parts business anymore so if I don't have it, I can't get it. When a part is gone, it's gone. I'm really not involved too much with bikes anymore so I probably can't help you with a good source if I don't have it.  Sorry.  If you have any specific requests, e-mail me and I will be happy to respond.  So, are you ready to see what I've got?  Click here for an index  If you don't want to wait as I build this page and would like to just see the whole 22 page list, click here.  I typically do not update the 22 page list so it may not be very current. I am located in Wisconsin Rapids, WI.  I will take credit cards (it will say Wings on your statement), checks (with some delay to clear), or money orders.  I can ship anywhere but Canada and overseas is expensive.

Thanks, and keep checking back!

If you have comments or suggestions, email me at wings@wctc.net

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