Emma  Eastman—Born in Fitchville, Huron County, Ohio April 14, 1823. Died at the home of her sister Louisa Eastman Klotzbach in McGregor, Iowa, February 7, 1905. Buried in Eastman Cemetery.

MARRIAGES BELOW: (Ages are calculated based on birthdates and dates of marriage—ages stated on marriage certificates are sometimes different.)

No. 1 Ephraim Kellogg (birth and death dates not known) Married April 6, 1837, Huron County, Ohio. Emma was 13 years old. No record of Kellogg’s life after 1837 has been found, although one history says he was a stage driver; another that he was running a tavern in La Porte, Indiana.

Emma moved with the family to Iowa in the fall of 1838, where she met Moses Van Sickle who she went with to Grant County, Wisconsin.

No. 2 Moses E. Van Sickle (July 6, 1815—March 21, 1888) Married March 26, 1839, Grant County, Wisconsin.  Emma was 15 years old. Buried in Pleasant Grove Cemetery, McGregor, Iowa

No. 3 William Cunningham (birth and death dates not known) Married March 3, 1841, Prairie du Chien, Wisconsin.  Emma was 17 years old. No record of Cunningham’s life after 1841 has been found.

On April 28, 1841, Moses Van Sickle filed for divorce from Emma on the grounds of her marriage to Cunningham. Divorce was granted June 28, 1842.

In 1845, Emma came up the Mississippi with Peter Cameron to La Crosse, Wisconsin and the couple were the first to be married in La Crosse in 1846 (confirmed in letter from Peter Cameron to brother Daniel).

No. 4 Peter Cameron (June 2, 1809—July 30, 1855) Married c. March, 1846—La Crosse, Wisconsin. Emma was 22 years old. Peter died of unspecified illness--probably buried in La Crosse.

No. 5 Ralph C. Bowles (April 30, 1827--?) Married May 4, 1858, La Crosse, Wisconsin.  Emma was 35 years old.

Emma filed for divorce in 1859 after Ralph left La Crosse and was living in Pleasantville, Missouri. A threatening letter from Ralph was filed in court as a basis for the divorce. No record found of divorce being granted.

No. 6 Nelson Sharp (birth and death dates not known)—Married Feb 9, 1861, Prairie du Chien, Wisconsin.  Emma was 37 years old. Burial site unknown.

The death of Nelson Sharp is noted on the marriage application for Emma and DeWitt Clinton Van Sickle.

No. 7 DeWitt Clinton Van Sickle (March 16, 1816—August 9, 1881) Married in Elkader, Iowa on Feb 18, 1863. DeWitt Clinton is the brother of Moses E. Van Sickle. Killed by runaway team in McGregor, Iowa, Emma was 39 years old. Buried in Eastman Cemetery.

No. 8 Michael Stence (c. 1811--August 29, 1885) Married  in Giard (McGregor) Iowa, December 25, 1881.  Emma was 58 years old. No record of date of death found. Buried in Eastman Cemetery.

Newspaper stories and informal histories say Michael Stence died, but no date given.

No. 9 Joseph A. Wilson (November 1837--?) Married May 27, 1899 in McGregor, Iowa.  Emma was 76 years old. No record of date of death has been found. He is listed in WPA Cemetery Records as being buried in the Eastman Cemetery—no dates given.

James Cameron--March 4, 1856--February 8, 1938. Son of Peter and Emma Cameron.  Born in Freeport, Illinois; buried in Elkader, Iowa.

Peter Eastman—1800--January 12, 1854 (Emma’s father) Buried in Eastman Cemetery.

Mary Coleman Eastman—1800—1870 (Emma’s mother); married Jacob Van Sickle (brother of Moses, DeWitt Clinton, and Martin) September 20, 1855. Buried in Eastman Cemetery.

Louisa Eastman Klotzbach—March 4, 1837—December 11, 1916 (wife of Jacob Klotzbach/Emma’s sister) Married David D. Bradley December 12, 1900. Buried in Eastman Cemetery.

George W. D. Eastman—1827-April 10,1864 (Emma’s brother) Married Marinda White in Sandstone, Jackson County, Michigan April 2, 1848. Enlisted as a Private in Giard, Iowa on February 25, 1864 at the age of 38; Enlisted in Company K, 1st Cavalry Regiment Iowa on 10 March 1864; Died on 10 April 1864 in Memphis Tennessee; buried in Memphis National Cemetery, Memphis.

Jacob Klotzbach—April 29, 1831—October 22, 1897 (Louisa’s husband/Emma’s brother-in-law) Buried in Eastman Cemetery.

Marilla Eastman Van Sickle—1824- (Emma’s sister) Married Martin Van Sickle January 11, 1837. Divorced Martin April 7, 1858.  Married Joseph Wisemiller June 26, 1860. Buried in Eastman Cemetery.

Martin Van Sickle—December 10, 1806—March 2, 1889 (Emma’s brother-in-law) Married Marilla Eastman January 11, 1837. Divorced from Marilla April 7, 1858. Buried in Eastman Cemetery.

Jacob Van Sickle—January 3, 1805—October 15, 1869 (Emma’s stepfather--brother to Moses, DeWitt & Martin) Married Mary Eastman September 20, 1854.

Anna Eastman Cornish—c 1833--January 1, 1854 (Emma’s sister) Married John G. Cornish November 6, 1854 . Buried in Easman Cemetery.

Daniel Cameron Sr.--May 1779—September 3, 1861 (father of Peter, Angus, Daniel) Buried in La Crescent, Minnesota.

Peter Cameron—June 2, 1809-July 30, 1855. Married Emma c. 1846. Possibly buried in pioneer section of Oak Grove Cemetery, La Crosse, Wisconsin

Daniel Cameron Jr.—April 2, 1825—October 7, 1899 (brother of Peter) In 1859, in a disagreement over some property records, Emma shot at Daniel—missed with one shot, hit his little finger with the second. Buried in Oak Grove Cemetery, La Crosse, Wisconsin.

Angus Cameron—November 3, 1815—October 1856 (brother of Peter) possibly buried in Oak Grove Cemetery, La Crosse, Wisconsin.

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